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Defence Cooperation Program Other Training Courses


The DCP offers to sponsor RCAF participation in a wide selection of courses and seminars in Australia. These include the following:

  • Governance and Financial Course, covering principles and framework of financial management, risk management, procurement principles, asset management and fraud and ethics.

  • International Peace Operations Seminar, developed to provide a forum for open discussion between the Australian Defence Force, Government, non-government and personnel of other nations, on the multi-dimensional aspects of current peace operations in order to familiarise officers with the operations, procedures and structure of the United Nations.

  • Law of Peace Operations Course, which examines legal issues relevant to the creation and conduct of peace operations, focussing on the planning and conduct of military and civilian police peace operations.

  • Command and Staff Operations Law Course, which aims to raise the awareness of commanders and planning staff about key operations law planning factors that impact on contemporary military operations.

  • Maritime Law and Security Seminar, which aims to provide policy makers with information on International and Australian laws, conventions and policies that affect naval operations in our region.

  • Civil Military Cooperation Course, aimed at military operational planning staff, military police, medical services staff, logistic planners and engineers to equip participants with a knowledge of planning factors critical to the conduct of successful Civilian - Military operations.

  • Defence Intelligence and Research Analysis Course, aimed at training ADF and Defence Cooperation personnel in research and analytical techniques.

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