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Police Liaison

Australian Federal Police Liaison Officers are attached to selected Missions or Consular Posts abroad. These Liaison Officers are responsible for law enforcement liaison with their host countries, together with any other countries within their area of geographic responsibility.

The role of the AFP Liaison Officer to Cambodia is:

   •    To represent the interest of the AFP, together with the wider Australian law enforcement community, on matters of law enforcement.

   •    To facilitate inquiries within, or on behalf of, the law enforcement communities of both the host country and Australia.

   •    To receive and distribute crime intelligence at Post, for both the host law enforcement agencies and for Australia.

   •    To coordinate operational activity which is of strategic significance to Australia.

   •    To cooperate with representatives from their country law enforcement agencies, and with other accredited representatives of foreign law
         enforcement authorities.

   •    To provide training and technical assistance as required.

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