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Defence White Paper
The Defence Cooperation Program (DCP) provided the RCAF technical support to develop, publish and disseminate the Cambodian Defence White Papers, which were published in 2002 and 2006. In addition, the DCP has provided input and assistance to facilitate implementation of White Paper policies including a series of workshops to assist agreement on actions and plans for implementation.

The DCP has provided the RCAF with training in Peace Keeping Operations providing training to those responsible or likely to be responsible, for the training, planning and management of peace keeping operations. Training continues to be conducted in Cambodia and Australia and has included the Military Observers Course and the International Peace Operations Seminar.

In 2006, the Australian Defence Cooperation Program assisted the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces to run the first Cambodian Peacekeeping Course. This Course was based on the United Nations-recognised Australian Military Observer Course and was designed to prepare RCAF Officers for participation in United Nations Peacekeeping Missions.

Australia also funds RCAF participation to attend an annual International Peace Keeping Exercise PIRAP JABIRU.

Non-proliferation Initiatives
The DCP has already sponsored a number of workshops and seminars to provide information on the threat posed by weapons of mass destruction. The DCP plans to continue supporting efforts to implement a national authority to control chemical, biological, nuclear, and radiological weapons and their delivery systems. The DCP will also continue to support Cambodia's efforts to fulfil obligations under the chemical weapons convention and biological weapons convention.

In addition, the DCP plans also continue to assist Cambodia's participation in future Proliferation Security Initiatives.

Strategic Dialogue
Strategic Dialogue has been strong between our two countries. At the invitation of the then Australian Chief of the Defence Force Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief General Pol Saroeun visited Australia during September- October 2009 in order to strengthen the defence relationship and deepen Defence Cooperation Programs between the two countries.

Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston reaffirmed that the Australian Defence Force is continuing to develop new and robust efforts in Defence Cooperation with Cambodia as part of Australian efforts to engage more closely with its regional neighbours. The DCP remains committed to identifying further areas of cooperation assisting the RCAF during a time of re-organisation and restructuring.

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