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Visa and Citizenship

Welcome to the website of the Department of Home Affairs (Home Affairs) in Cambodia. General information on Australian visas and citizenship can be located on the  Home Affairs website.

This website contains supplementary and country information specific to applicants residing in Cambodia.


***Beware of Visa Scams ***

The Australian Embassy in Cambodia has become aware of recent scam emails and phone calls from someone claiming to be an official of Home Affairs and requesting money to progress a visa application or guarantee a visa outcome. No one can influence the outcome of a visa application or the visa decision-making process. You are required to meet all the visa requirements and only authorised officers from Home Affairs can issue you with a visa. For information on how to protect yourself including how to report a suspected visa fraud, go to Visa Scams.

To avoid being scammed, you can check the Register of Migration Agents on the OMARA website, to receive the protections of an OMARA registered Migration Agent.  There are Australian registered migration agents working all around the world. These agents are subject to the same Code of Conduct, professional development and regulations as registered migration agents based in Australia. More information about Australia’s efforts to ensure the integrity of the migration advice profession is available at:


Australian Visas

You must have a valid Australian visa to travel to and enter Australia. It is your responsibility to apply for the visa, which most suits your personal circumstances.

The following pages provide supplementary information for the most commonly lodged visas in Cambodia.   

Visiting Australia

Migrating to Australia (Family)

Studying in Australia


Temporary Work




Use the Visa Finder to explore other visa options not included in this site and to help you find the visa most likely to meet your specific circumstances.

For a full list of visas, go to Visa List.

Apply for a Visa

Apply Online

You can now apply for most visas online through ImmiAccount.  This is the preferred and most efficient way to apply.

Providing documents online

Please ensure that in all cases you submit colour scans of the original documents (not certified or notarised copies) together with English translations at the time of application. 

All supporting documents should be a clear, high quality scan (at least 300 dpi resolution, up to 2MB in size). If you attach low quality scanned documents, processing of your application may be delayed.

If you have any enquiries or issues regarding your ImmiAccount, including information on how to upload documents online, please go to Applying online in ImmiAccount.

Identity documents

All visa applications must be supported by identity documents for each applicant. For Cambodian citizens, please ensure that you provide a copy of your:

  • Current passport (photo/biodata page)
  • Birth certificate in Khmer and English translation
  • Family book in Khmer and English translation
  • Residence book in Khmer and English translation
  • National ID card in Khmer and English translation
  • Marriage certificate and/or divorce certificate and English translation

Custody documents

Where you are applying for a visa for a child under 18, and the child will not be travelling with both parents, please ensure you include completed Form 1229 Consent to grant an Australian visa to a child under the age of 18 years, along with the identity documents of both parents and any custody documents/court orders which outline current legal responsibility/guardianship.   

Providing biometrics at the Australian Biometric Collection Centre (ABCC)

All visa applicants lodging from Cambodia are required to provide biometrics with their application. Once you application has been lodged, you will receive an email inviting you to provide biometrics at an Australian Biometric Collection Centre (ABCC). To make a biometrics appointment in Cambodia, contact our service delivery partner VFS Global:

You can book or reschedule your appointment with VFS online. Ensure that you bring your biometric request email and identification documents (e.g. passport and National ID card) to your appointment.   

Address:              Phnom Penh Tower, 12th floor
                                 Preah Monivong (Street 93), Phnom Penh

Business hours: 08:00 – 16:30, Monday to Friday (Except during VFS (ABCC) Closures)


What to include in your application

Under the Migration Act 1958, decision-makers are not obliged to seek additional information from an applicant before making a decision on a visa application. It is in your best interest to provide all the relevant supporting documents you want considered when you apply as we may make a decision based solely on the information provided at the time of lodgement.

Please refer to the Home Affairs website to understand what documents you should submit for each visa application. Refer to the Step by Step > Gather your documents tab under each visa subclass for this information.

Provision of false and misleading information
You are responsible for providing truthful and accurate information, including disclosing any relevant information relating to the information requested in the application. If you provide false or misleading information, including submitting false documents with your application, we might refuse to grant your visa or cancel your visa.

Appointing a Migration Agent
You don’t have to use a migration agent to apply for a visa, but if you do need professional help we recommend that you use a registered migration agent. Only a registered migration agent can give you immigration assistance. Further information on who can help you with your application go to Who can help you with your application.

Meet Our Requirements

After you Lodge

Visa Holders – Update and Check your details

Australia's modern electronic visa system does not require you to have a visa label placed in your passport. Before you travel to Australia, you should check that your visa is valid, that you understand the conditions of your visa, and that all your details are correct.

You can use online services to:

Australian Citizenship

Information on Australian citizenship is available on the Home Affairs website.

The following pages provide supplementary information for citizenship applicants in Cambodia.

Citizenship by Descent

Adoptions, Foster Care and Surrogacy in Cambodia

Adoptions and Foster Care arrangements

The Australian Government strongly warns Australians against trying to arrange domestic or private adoptions through an overseas country, even if they hold citizenship or rights to permanent residency in that particular country.  You should seek independent legal advice both in Australia and in the child’s country of usual residence before going ahead with any application to an overseas authority.

Expatriate adoptions occur when an Australian citizen or permanent resident living abroad for 12 months or more adopts a child through an overseas agency or government authority. Australian adoption authorities are not responsible for expatriate adoptions, and do not assess or approve applicants for such adoptions. There are specific requirements that must be met in order to be eligible to be granted an Australian adoption visa, including living overseas for at least 12 months prior to lodging an application, that this time overseas was not contrived to circumvent the requirements for entry to Australia of a child for adoption and that you have lawfully acquired full parental rights for the child you have adopted. More information on expatriate adoption and immigration requirements is available here.

The Australian Embassy does not issue 'Letters of No Objection', 'Letters of Support', or 'To Whom it May Concern Letters' in connection with any foster care arrangement or adoption in Cambodia.


The Royal Cambodian Government has formally advised that the act of surrogacy is prohibited and punishable under Cambodian criminal law.

Contact Us

We do not provide pre-lodgement visa or immigration advice and enquiries. We encourage you to use the visa and citizenship information available on the Home Affairs website and use our online services to assist you with your visa and citizenship enquiries.   

Alternatively, you can call the Home Affairs Global Service Centre number on +61 2 6196 0196, open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (local time). If you need an interpreter, please select option 6.

The Australian Embassy in Phnom Penh receives a significant amount of correspondence each day. While we aim to respond to communication in a timely manner, please read the information contained in our Frequently asked questions before contacting us.

If your query is addressed on the Embassy or Home Affairs websites, we will not provide a response.

Your feedback

We value your compliments, complaints and suggestions. You can provide feedback by completing an online feedback form.

Complaints concerning corruption, misconduct and unethical behaviour should be reported here.

If you are aware of suspicious activity such as someone who might be working illegally, have no right to be in Australia or is potentially involved in smuggling or other criminal activities, we want to hear from you. Go to Report something suspicious page.