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Message to Australians in Cambodia

The Australian Embassy in Phnom Penh would like to ask any Australian Citizens and Australian Permanent Residents currently in Cambodia who wish to return to Australia at their own expense to email the Embassy with the following details of each interested traveller. If you have already emailed us, thank you. There is no need to email us again unless you need to provide us with any of the additional information below. 

1. Your full name clearly identifying your first and last name (as per your passport or another official document).
2. Your passport or Permanent Resident reference number.
3. Your contact email and phone number.
4. Your address in Cambodia.
5. Details of any dependents with you.
6. Contact email and phone number for your family/next of kin in Australia.
7. Any health or other risk factors we should be aware of.
8. Any other information you think relevant.

Please send your email to:

We stress that this does not guarantee departure from Cambodia or return to Australia. 

Your information will only be shared with relevant authorities to assist the Embassy to further explore potential commercial flight options, or obtain the necessary approvals from the relevant government authorities. 

Please note, there is a mandatory 14-day quarantine at hotels and other accommodation facilities at the port of entry for all travellers returning to Australia. 

Please check with relevant state authorities regarding onward travel within Australia and whether additional self-isolation requirements may apply.

Please note that given increasingly limited flight options, it may not be possible to travel directly to your preferred Australian airport. 

If you plan to remain in Cambodia at this time, please feel free to email us and let us know.

The above message is available in Khmer language here / សារជាភាសាខ្មែរ.

A message to Australians in Cambodia from Ambassador Pablo Kang

Urgent message to Australians in Cambodia

Flight options to Australia are becoming increasingly scarce.  If you are an Australian in Cambodia seeking to get home, you should start to prepare yourself for the possibility you may not be able to get out for a while. The Australian Government is not currently planning any charter flights.

There are still some commercial flights, but details change from day to day, often at very short notice.  Some of these flights are also very expensive.  Unless you can be sure that the flight is viable, before paying for tickets you should consider whether to proceed or save your money, in case you will need it on things such as food and accommodation over the medium to longer term in Cambodia. 

As part of good planning, you should prepare for the worst case possibility of an extended stay. You should think now about what you, your family or travelling companions will need.  Where will you stay?  How can family and friends contact you?  From where are the best places to get food, water and medicine?  Do you have enough cash for every day essential items?  

Please email the embassy ( with your name, location, contact details and the details of anyone travelling with you.  Follow our social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) for regular updates.  We are here in Cambodia too and we are all in this together.

The above message is available in Khmer language here / សារជាភាសាខ្មែរ.

Important Message from the Australian Government

We now advise all Australians: do not travel overseas at this time. This is our highest advice level (level 4 of 4).

If you are already overseas and wish to return to Australia, we recommend you do so as soon as possible by commercial means.

Please note that as there are no direct flights from Cambodia to Australia, you should make sure your return flights to Australia only include transits through other airports (for example, that you do not leave the airport to transfer to another airport even in the same city). If you leave the transit area, even to collect your bags to check in for another flight, the country you are transiting in may require you to complete a period of self-quarantine in that country, even if you haven’t left the airport. We recommend you contact your airline to obtain further information.

Travellers should be aware there are increasingly limited options for commercial flights. You should bear this in mind when considering your travel plans.

For latest updates please follow our facebook page and the Australian Government’s travel advice for Cambodia.  

For urgent consular assistance contact:

  • +61 2 6261 3305 from overseas 
  • 1300 555 135 from within Australia

For non-urgent inquiries, email

The Embassy will not accept routine visitors (including for routine passport applications) and will only see visitors for emergencies.  If you feel your matter is an emergency, please contact the Embassy on 023 213 470.

Additional information:

Regardless of your destination, age or health, our advice is do not travel at this time.

As more countries close their borders or introduce travel restrictions, overseas travel is becoming more complex and difficult. You may not be able to return to Australia when you had planned to. Consider whether you have access to health care and support systems if you get sick while overseas. If you decide to return to Australia, do so as soon as possible. Commercial options may become less available.

If you are overseas and cannot, or do not want to, return to Australia, follow the advice of local authorities. Take care to minimise your risk of exposure to coronavirus including by self-isolating. If you choose to stay, note our ability to provide consular assistance in some places may be limited due to restrictions on movement and other services.

Contact your airline, travel agent or insurance company to discuss your travel plans and options for cancelling or postponing current bookings, or to arrange commercial flights back to Australia.

All cruise ships which have sailed from a foreign port have been banned from entering Australian ports for 30 days.

For more information see our Coronavirus (COVID-19) – information for Australian travellers page.

The above message is available in Khmer language here / សារជាភាសាខ្មែរ.



16 December 2019 - 2020 New Colombo Plan to deepen Australian students' understanding of Cambodia (English, Khmer). 
2 December 2019 - Australia recognised for longstanding demining support (English, Khmer). 


On 16 December 2019, Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Women, Senator the Honorable Marise Payne, announced the appointment of Mr Pablo Kang as Australia’s next Ambassador to Cambodia. Ambassador-designate Kang is due to arrive in Cambodia at the end of 2019. See here for more information.