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How to obtain a police and character clearance report from Australia

Under the Australian Privacy Act, the Embassy cannot obtain confidential information on Australian citizens or residents of Australia from any Australian police force. Only the person him/herself may obtain this information directly from the relevant state, territory or federal police force.

The Australian Federal Police provide information about National Police Checks.

Australians abroad often need police or character certificates for such purposes as court requirements, residence permission, or securing employment. Australian Citizens requiring such certificates should contact the appropriate Australian Federal, State or Territory Police Force.

The type, cost, and application forms required for clearance certificates vary from state to state. Any State or Territory in Australia will be able to provide at least one of the following certificates:

     •    Certificate issued on the basis of fingerprints;
     •    Certificate issued on the basis of a name check; and
     •    National Police Clearance Certificate.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) in Canberra advises they can issue a National Police Clearance Certificate that covers criminal records in all states and territories, and is acceptable in all countries. You should confirm that the requesting local authority will ccept this certificate.

The following links are for information about state and territory police clearances:

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Victoria Police

NT Police, Fire & Emergency Services

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How to obtain a police clearance report from Cambodia

The Embassy is unable to assist citizens in obtaining a police clearance certificate from Cambodian authorities.

Police Certificate
To obtain a report, foreigners should go to the Criminal Office at the Ministry of Justice to request a Police Certificate. There are two different fees:
    •   250,000 Riels (approximately USD62.5) for regular service which takes around 20 days, or
    •   500,000 Riels (approximately USD125.00) for expedited service which takes around 12 days.

Typically the Criminal office will automatically produce an English translation for any certificate being issued to a foreigner, which incurs a charge of USD15. If you don't want a translation you should discuss this at the time you lodge your application.

Applicants should have the following documents:
    •   A completed application form. This form can be obtained at the Criminal Office;
    •   One photograph (size 4cm x 6cm);
    •   A copy of the biographical page of the passport;
    •   Copies of the first and last Cambodian visas showing dates of arrival. 
    •   A Residence Certification Letter * from the commune (sangkat) office where the applicant resides and/or resided whilst in Cambodia.

Applicants located outside of Cambodia can authorise someone to apply for the Police Certificate on their behalf. The applicant should complete an authorization form (the form is available at the Criminal Office at the Ministry of Justice) for their representative to lodge at the Criminal Office. However, if the applicant is in Cambodia they will be required to submit the application themselves.

Residence Certification Letter*
A Residence Certification Letter is required when applying for a Police Certificate. To obtain this document, foreigners should go to the local commune (sangkat) office where the applicant resides/resided in Cambodia to request the letter. There is a no-standard administrative fee for the provision of this letter.

Foreigner applicants should bring the following documents:

  • Passport, house rental agreement, job letter and other related documents to support the claim of residence.
  • Copy of their registration in the 'Foreigner Presence in Cambodia' system. Registrations are completed by landlords/property owners.


The information in the residence certificate letter includes:
   1.   name of resident
   2.   house address
   3.   how long/length of stay that the resident stayed/ has stayed at that address.

The applicant may authorise someone living in Cambodia to apply for this letter for them. The applicant will need to provide an authorisation letter for that person. However acceptance of this letter will be dependent on the commune (sangkat) office. There is no national standard for this type of work.

To ease the process, foreigners are advised to request a Residence Certification Letter from their local commune (sangkat) office prior to leaving their Cambodian place of residence.